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The best premium portable cooling units 

that are the ultimate in design, performance,

and durability.

Looking to cool your space

& Cut your Energy Cost?

Cool both indoor and outdoor living spaces with one system


Summer is for living! For those who enjoy entertaining outdoors, for families with children, and for people who simply prefer fresh rather than recycled air, COOLAIRPORTABLE is unquestionably the best choice. That’s because only COOLAIRPORTABLE allows doors and windows to remain open whenever it is operating. Cooling performance is unaffected by people coming and going, which makes COOLAIRPORTABLE a perfect companion to the relaxed summer lifesty.


A healthy choice for you and your family For air conditioning that fills your home with fresh, cool, clean air, COOLAIRPORTABLE is unquestionably your best choice. That’s because COOLAIRPORTABLE completely replaces the air within your home every few minutes. Fresh air is drawn through COOLAIRPORTABLE pads where it is filtered and cooled before being gently circulated throughout your home.


It’s a process as natural as a sea breeze, giving you continuous fresh air instead of stale, recirculated air from a refrigerated system. It’s also much gentler on the eyes, nose and skin because COOLAIRPORTABLE air conditioning doesn’t have the aggressive drying effect that occurs with refrigerated systems.

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residential portable cooling
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