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The customers we serve and the challenges we meet are global, and so is Cool Air Australia Corp. Seamlessly supporting our research, manufacturing, and distribution activities around the world is a global network of R&D centers, branches, and factory certified affiliates to offer exclusively for you: free COOLAIRPORTABLE product consultation, a worlwide 5 year product guarantee & 100% end cooling result satsifaction.


If you would like to arrange an appointment to find more about our COOLAIRPORTABLE products and portable cooling services or would like to book a survey of your premises, We’ll be glad to hear from you!


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COOLAIRPORTABLE is the portable cooling system most preferred by architects, builders and business owners. With thousands of units sold from Alaska to Antarctica, California to Nicosia Cyprus, know that you’re in good hands.
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Energy super hero
multi speed
tough to cool
regulation of humidity
concealed cooling
concealed cooling
concealed cooling
portable cooling
portable cooling
portable cooling
portable cooling
portable cooling
Portable cooling 90% save energy
Kitchen portable Cooling
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