The best premium portable cooling units that are the ultimate in design, performance, and durability.

Looking to cool your space & Cut your Energy Cost?

Succesfull Portable Cooling in any Commercial environment


COOLAIRPORTABLE solutions can be used in your Office, Shop, Supermarket, Gym, Kids playground, Automotive establishment, Warehouse, Factory, Agricaltural area, Cow farm... 

Advanced technology combined with many years of experience in air conditioning of this type of commercial establishments guarantees successful execution of your project.


One core technology with multiple uses


are designed to provide flexible, modular configurations

There is nothing else you could buy that works as well and using an astounding, 90% less energy



Delivers optimal energy savings especially for big open plan areas or tough to cool indoor or outdoor hot areas.


Boost your existing refrigerated system capabilities to cover effectively more SQM and eliminate any Cold or hot spots, especially when you have to operate with open doors


Optimise your aircondiitoner system or gain more efficient performance from your refrigerated equipment by simply feeding pre-chilled air to your airconditioner condensor

 have the correct height not to blow cold air to people faces,
unique product features to cool the air from the ground up so it only cools the needed space as opposed to traditional roof mounted units that need to cool the entire air space.
SAVE ENERGY up to 90%
Many models, colors and sizes available,  according to actual project’s requirement.


The experience gained in THOUSANDS of projects worldwide from gyms, kidsplaygrounds, shops, warehouses, factories and agricaltural sides enables us to propose the best solutions to meet the most stringent and current requirements of portable cooling in a practical and rational way. 100% satisfaction, Error Excluded!

The easy way to cool your business & save money Optimise your air conditioner system or gain more efficient performance from your refrigerated equipment by simply blowing precondition cold air to your air conditioner condensor. SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED ENERGY CONSUMPTION AND IMPROVED HEAT EXCHANGE OF CHILLERS, AIR COOLED CONDENSERS, HEAT EXCHANGERS. ACHIEVE HIGHEST ENERGY EFFICIENCY RATING. INCREASED CHILLER EFFICIENCY, COOLING CAPACITY.